Hair cutting and new-born babies

Hair cutting

Hair cutting and new-born babies – the most ridiculous claims and superstitions about hair

Many people declare that they do not and will not believe in superstitions. Others believe in them selectively, treating each old wives’ tale with a pinch of salt. However, there are also those who persistently believe in what they hear, even though some claims seem to be ludicrous. Let’s take our time to lay out the biggest and most widely believed superstitions regarding our head hair and relevant ‘facts’. Warning, some are very amusing! First let’s discuss when hair cutting is actually strictly forbidden?

Dyeing and cutting hair during pregnancy

Many women avoid dyeing their hair because of the chemical composition of the dyes, which they believe may be absorbed by hair and skin, and adversely have an affect on the development of the foetus. Pregnant women also avoid the dyeing process due to the chemical odour that arises at the time, making them nauseous. Meanwhile, it turns out that there’s another ‘valid reason’ why you shouldn’t dye your hair when pregnant. Some people genuinely think that if the future mother dyes her hair, her baby will be born with ginger hair. This is obviously complete nonsense, because a baby’s hair colour is entirely determined by the parent’s genes, and use of dyes during pregnancy has no relevance. Although, the fact that some dyes may affect the health of the baby should definitely be considered after all. It’s best to avoid dyeing just for safety, but if you must do it then try to at least contact a specialist such as a dermatologist, who will advise you what to do.

Various superstitions also say that it is forbidden to cut hair off when pregnant. Why? Because the child will then have ‘lack of common sense’, and its hunger for knowledge won’t be too extensive. This, of course, is also a complete absurd! Why such superstitions are believed and common among the public is unknown, but it’s likely that they’ve passed on from medieval times when notions of curses and bad luck charms were quite popular. Nowadays nobody really takes them that seriously, but some tend to believe them out of traditional values and follow them as means of luck!

Cutting hair before exams

A common prejudice also spreads around that cutting your hair between the final year prom and exams tends to yield bad luck. Of course, bad luck on the exam is something very familiar to us, as everyone’s had at least one paper given to them that disagrees with their taste. But cutting our hair off before them has nothing in common with what exams we have to face! Interestingly, this superstition primarily affects girls, and indeed some of them treat it seriously, and even notice a positive difference after the exams! But that is just pure coincidence, of course, and perhaps the placebo effect has a role to play here. In the end, the boys regularly cut their hair and the results are always the same, so we can certainly bust that myth!

Cutting hair for new-born babies

Hearing out constant ‘advice’ regarding what a woman should do during the baby’s birth and after it can be tedious, especially for a fresh mother. One of the constant things that young mothers tend to be reminded of is the myth that we shouldn’t be cutting hair off for children under the age of one. But why is that? Interestingly, the explanations vary! For example: because the hair will not grow back, because the child will have ‘short memory’ and may be underdeveloped, because it brings bad luck, because it can cause problems with speech etc. And how much truth is these claims? Certainly zero, but frankly many mothers actually leave the baby’s hair untouched until its first birthday. Whether it’s the mothers’ naivety or their caution responsible for the strange belief cannot be told, but research shows that mothers prefer to follow the old tale ‘just in case’ to feel better about themselves and their baby.

Troublesome hair tangles and knots

The tangles and knots on our head hair are entirely the result of improper care and neglect. Nevertheless, a lot of people (especially of the older generation), think that knots are formed when someone lures us with charm or that fairies are plotting against us. Apparently, this happens even more often if we meet a person who envies our beautiful and smooth hair, and then casts the charm. Certainly, this is another superstition which likely remained in our history and tradition over centuries, but now in the 21st century it’s difficult to believe that such outrageous myth is floating about and is unexpectedly widely followed! But perhaps it’s just in people’s nature and tradition to believe in such mythical, mystic and fairy-tale like stories to help us sleep better at night!

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