Hair straightener

Hair straightener

Hair straightener – how to choose the best one?

Many women straighten their hair after each wash, despite the fact that the negative effects of such treatment are obvious to almost everyone. However, negative consequences can be avoided if several rules are remembered and applied. The hair straightener, which we’ll decide to buy, is also a key factor.

Straightening your hair at home – what should you remember?

Thoroughly dried hair

We should never straighten our hair when they’re wet or even a little damp. The hair we intend to straighten must be dry at all cost. It does not matter whether they dried naturally, or we’ve used a dryer. (Though, if we decide to go with a dryer, we should use the cool air setting). There’s so much stress being put on hair being dry when straightened because the wetness causes the hair to get extra damaged when exposed to direct heat – if you’ve ever tried it you’ll recognise the sizzling that occurs, and this is a good indication that your hair is in danger of severe damage.

The right temperature

It is worth choosing a straightener that has the option of regulating the temperature. The lower the level, the better for our hair, though the effect won’t always be satisfactory. If we have to raise the temperature, try to do it carefully. It is not worth setting the highest temperature immediately, especially if it isn’t necessary.

Protection against high temperatures

Never, under any circumstances, straighten hair without the use of special products, which aim to protect the hair from the effects of high temperatures. We should also remember about protecting the hair along the entire length, with particular emphasis on the ends that are prone to the most damage. There are many cosmetics out there on the market for general use, as well as those that are suitable for use with a straightener or curler – because they also smooth the hair out or make the curls firmer.

A small amount of strokes

The less times you straighten a particular strand of hair, the better. Fewer strokes means less damage. The key is to try and make each strand straight after a single stroke, so press hard and go over it once, so it’s not necessary to go over it over and over again. Then repeat this operation several times on each major hair strand. A good hair straightener will definitely cope with this task.

Hair straightener – how to choose the best kind?

Have you lost the hope that by straightening your hair at home you won’t get the same effect as in a hair salon? This is a completely wrong way of thinking! It can be done. However, you must know that hairdressers use high quality equipment. Therefore, your hair straightener must also be professional. And how do you find one?

It is worth to opt for reputable brands that many hairdressers from around the world have trusted and used on regular basis. During the production of these devices, the latest technologies are used, and new innovations are constantly implemented. High-quality tiles not only straighten hair but protect it from drying and destruction. Sounds unbelievable? Well, it’s true.

A good hair straightener should include plates of titanium, perfectly smooth tiles, a temperature control and ionization function. This is the absolute foundation. Straighteners with wider and narrower plates are available on the market. Some have rounded edges, others don’t. If you want your new straightener to make curls, choose the one with narrower tiles and rounded edges. This will ease you the entire process and produce the best results.

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