Women’s hair loss –the consequences and possible solutions

Women’s hair loss

 Women’s hair loss – physical and psychological effects

Women very often distinguish themselves through their hair, haircut and their hairstyle. This doesn’t mean that hair defines beauty – but if women value and cherish their hair, it can be a massive shock when all of a sudden, they start experiencing hair loss. Because of this they can develop a heavy emotional breakdown. To be general, there are two main areas affected by hair loss: women’s physical appearance and their mental state. In terms of appearance, women’s hair loss can be a traumatic experience. To many women, hair is their distinguishing feature, which makes them who they are. They get attached to them, and love them all their life, so it can be a truly traumatic experience dealing with sudden and unplanned hair loss. Embracing such effects is also very difficult.

Women’s image, and the characteristics that they value reflects who they are. When experiencing hair loss, the drastic physical changes cause shock, disbelief and lack of self recognition. Substantial hair loss dramatically changes the way women look, so it’s not an exaggeration to claim that in some cases they emotional impact can disturb their inner self.

When we look at women’s appearance as embodiment of who they are, and take into consideration the social ‘rules’ we’re surrounded by, it makes it easier to understand why hair loss seriously affects their mental state. When looking in the mirror and seeing someone they don’t recognise, they can feel devested. The image of the past is distorted or completely vanished. And there’s no easy way to get it back or overcome this disruption of identity.

Women’s hair loss – the effective cure

There are many ways of women’s hair loss treatments. Some of them rely on artificial means and methods, yet others focus on the natural look. With regards to artificial means (such as wigs or synthetic hair extensions), it’s understandable that such solution is only temporarily, and isn’t classed as a cure as such. Such artificial solutions alter the woman’s image, and even though unnatural elements are added, their looks and thus self confidence can significantly improve. Therefore, such methods can be very sceptical, and some women may even think that this is a very bad and ineffective solution to the underlying problem.

When fighting with women’s hair loss, it’s actually much better to apply methods which create the ultimate natural look. This way, women’s natural look can be effectively restored without the use of any artificial cover ups or temporary solutions. The feature which grabs women’s attention the most is a solution that will offer them results of the past. But there’s also an in between alternative, whereby hair extensions made from human hair or the use of advanced hair enhancement systems can be the perfect way out. Most of these methods rely on non-invasive attachement methods and guarantee a natural, sleek look. Therefore, they can be really helpful in restoring women’s self image and regaining their true confidence, but above all providing them the ultimate satisfaction.

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