Harsh chemicals – practical tips

Harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals – hair care products

Hair is by nature very sensitive and prone to damage. There are many harmful factors that we face every day which can make our hair appear brittle and weak. Harsh chemicals (that are nowadays present in almost everything), are particularly damaging. And although, at first sight it may appear that all hair care products and cosmetics are carefully made with no artificial or harmful ingredients, this isn’t actually true. We are often deceived by what’s advertised on the bottles, online, the TV and billboards. What’s more, even the seemingly chemical-free cosmetics can actually contain large amounts of harsh chemicals that affect your hair. Therefore, it’s best to always precisely read the labels and introduce yourself to what you’re exactly dealing with. If you’re unsure of the inside substance, and you have no idea about the inside composure (through defining the chemicals and ingredients inside), then make sure you do thorough research online. Getting your research done can really pay off for the future, and you won’t regret familiarising yourself with the product-label lingo. Remember that it’s never enough to choose a cosmetic on the basis of misleading slogans like “natural cosmetics”, “for oily hair only” or “no artificial chemicals”. In fact, ironically it is these products that you should beware the most, as they purposely try to detract your attention to false, yet believable advertising; making you subconsciously and automatically avoid the labels!

Harsh chemicals are very often hidden within a product and they’re never obviously specified on the packaging. There are abbreviated, coded and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out the real properties of a cosmetic. So it’s always useful to revise the specific formulas online. But in order to choose the right products for your hair, you also need to know exactly what your hair types and textures are. The basic knowledge of hair structure and effects of given substances upon that structure is vital, and it’s needed if you’ll want to make proper hair care decisions. This is really important because harsh chemicals can have serious negative impact on your hair strands, so you don’t want to risk it every time you purchase something. Besides, comprehending what’s at the back of a label may even tell you whether a product you’re about to purchase is of high or low-end quality. Bear in mind that even a single application of an improper product can seriously damage your hair, especially if it’s already weak and vulnerable, so it’s not worth the risk, and its better to start off clean!

Harsh chemicals – the basics

A lot of people may ask themselves what can be done if the damage is done already? So – first of all, as was mentioned above, it’s best to identify which hair cosmetics are harmful and which ingredients could be potentially responsible for causing damage to your hair. This is the most difficult part of the process, and for many it can be challenging, as it means a lot of research and trial and error procedures will be involved. When it comes to harsh chemicals, we can observe the change in our hair appearance and structure, straight after application, but sometimes harsh chemicals can take longer to take their negative effect. In terms of the latter, we need to be patient and particularly observant. We have to carefully watch our hair every day – and see how it behaves and how its structure changes and develops over longer periods of time. If we’re lucky and we find the responsible harsh chemical, it’ll be best to get rid of it asap, replacing it (and other related products), with an alternative – that we know is safe and harmless for the health of our hair.

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