Synthetic hair care products – the pros and cons

Synthetic hair care products

Synthetic hair care products – introducing all the basics

Hair distinguishes us and makes us stand out. A lot of people exclaim that one of their biggest assets is their hair, so they value it greatly. However, in order for our hair to stand out indeed, it needs to be healthy, sleek and bouncy. We want our hair to curl up naturally, to be smooth and reflect the light. Unfortunately, it’s all easier said than done. Not many people are instantly gifted with naturally strong and healthy hair, and even if they are it takes regular maintenance for them to keep it that way. The truth is, all of us will struggle with hair problems at some point in their life – whether it be big or small struggles. Just think of simple issues like having dry, brittle hair, prone to more damage, or oily and damp hair which often clamps down. There are even more serious issues out there, like substantial hair thinning, visible receding hairlines or severe cases of hair loss and baldness. In fact, as previously mentioned, unless our health and hair are maintained, there will never be an end to hair problems. Still, you can effectively deal with them. It doesn’t really matter if you’re experiencing minor or serious issues, everyday hair care is something you could start with, to allow you to reduce or eliminate the problems you could face in the future.

First of all, you need to properly identify your hair type and texture. Only then you you’ll be able to start thinking of proper cosmetics and procedures to apply. If you know what your hair size is (fine, medium or coarse) and its shape (straight, wavy or curly) you can browse through various cosmetics already. If you aren’t fully sure, then you can confirm this with a specialist e.g. hairdresser or hair expert. Generally, there are two cosmetic lines: natural hair care products and synthetic hair care products. Natural cosmetics are made from herbs and plants, without the inclusion of any chemical substances. Synthetic hair care products however, are a mixture of natural products and chemical ingredients which are added in the production stage. But this doesn’t mean that synthetic hair care products are worse or harmful in any way. Indeed, they are less natural, but the chemical ingredients aren’t damaging, and instead they actually help to improve the condition of your hair type and texture, truly improving them in the long run.

Synthetic hair care products – the disadvantages

Nevertheless, sometimes you need to be extra careful when it comes to synthetic hair care products. Though few, some chemical substances within can be harmful for specific kinds of hair and skin types, therefore make sure you read up online what chemicals are suited and less suited for your hair and your scalp. Other disadvantage of synthetic cosmetics is the fact that some of them contain steroids, which can damage your hair structure and negatively influence the texture when used repeatedly without a specific plan. So to sum up, you should always familiarise yourself with the product’s label, and preferably visit an expert who could approve/disapprove of specific products.  Generally, it greatly comes down to practice and individual experience whether synthetic care products affect you.

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