Cosmetic procedures – effects on our hair

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures – all the basics

Your hair can tell us a lot about the way you take care of it, but also about your general lifestyle and health. After all, the condition of your hair can directly reflect the condition of your whole organism. It’s not a new concept that your hair care products, cosmetic procedures, diet and lifestyle can heavily influence the way your hair looks. When inspecting one’s hair condition the first thing we notice is the cosmetic treatment your hair has been through. For example: dyeing, bleaching or permanent perms visibly change the way your hair looks, and some are more noticeable than others. These cosmetic procedures are just obvious examples of various hair procedures, and if executed cheaply or unprofessionally they can look unreal and artificial. Nonetheless, there are other cosmetic hair procedures that are far more appealing, look natural and aesthetically pleasing. For example, when rollers, hot curlers, straighteners are used, it is our original hair which is modified, and they’re not simply covered with artificial camouflage. Unique types of haircuts and hairstyles e.g. tight braiding or plaits may also be considered as temporary cosmetic procedures which fully enhance the great look of your hair. All of the techniques listed above are positively impactful and in the long run can truly change the appearance of your hair. Unfortunately, some of these methods may have negative effects – intense hair styles, frequent straightening or curling may be very damaging to your hair in the long term.

Cosmetic procedures – their impact on hair

All in all, various types of cosmetic procedures can have a different influence on your hair condition and texture. Some of them have an instant effect (e.g. dyeing), others are strongly linked with everyday hair care, and are a result of a daily routine (e.g. combing, using special hair care products etc.) Nevertheless, one thing is certain, cosmetic procedures often damage your hair and need to be carefully considered. Just think to yourself, straight after dyeing your hair blonde, you are thinking of straightening the hair, and curling the ends – this entire procedure can have immense effects on your hair. Your hair is thus subjected to continuous ‘torturres’, one right after another, and instead of achieving a final effect of having fantastically pleasing and beautiful hair, we are left with damaged roots and ends. The moral of this is that careful planning of hair cosmetic procedures in advance is key. This way you will be able to expose your hair to a limited amount of damage at a time.

The best solution that we can recommend right now are professional hair extensions. They are reliable, quick to use and most of all they add volume and beauty to your original hair without causing any additional and unnecessary damage. This means that such solution is the best alternative when it comes to cosmetically enhancing your hair.

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