How to treat alopecia areata?


Although definite causes of alopecia are not known, there are numerous effective treatment methods dedicated to victims of this terrible condition. Some treatment methods are even successful enough that they help your hair grow back entirely, which is great news for the sufferers. So how exactly should you treat this disease?  

When it comes to medical treatments, minoxidil is used very often. Cygnoline can also be utilised on the bald spots, while steroid treatment can be practiced to supplement the thinning hair. Unfortunately, effectiveness of these methods varies and as a whole the success rate is fairly low. Furthermore, stopping steroid treatment at the wrong moment can cause further hair loss, therefore there are a lot of risks and dedications which come with these methods.
UVA and PUVA treatments are a bit more effective – treatment with UV light makes some of the hair regrow, especially when you mix it with proper medicine that is also used for psoriasis treatment. Research shows that that the success rate of this method reaches as much as 50%, treating half of all alopecia patients who tried it. But there’s more – DCP treatment also proved to be very successful.

Therefore as you can see, there are a lot of ways to go about treating the loss of hair. In order to choose a treatment that will be effective for you, a hair loss specialist should be contacted who may help you choose the right method. There are a lot of factors which come to play, and it all depends on the duration of the disease, number of bald spots, their placement as well as your individuality. You can be sure that an expert will help you to select an ideal hair loss treatment. It is worth trying something out if you wish to regain your looks, beautiful locks and above all self-confidence.

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